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About Us :

We are a Team Consisted of 3 members
- Steve ROSeik (The One Who started The "ROSeikTeam")
- Yousab Yousry (Steve's BestFriend and Encourager)
- Lucas (Our Third Admin of The ROSeik Team)
* If You have good skills, and you want to be an Official ROSeikTeam Member not only a website member
    you can contact us

What are we here for :

- Making tutorials for everything we know
- we sell premium hacks with money just to pay Bills for the website to stay alive(if we had the money, we would share these premium hacks for free)
- Making Programs that help people hacking their famous websites, games, apps

More information :

we don't want to be anonymous, we're not afraid
we hack in order to make people happy
we make it easy (No surveys, no high knowledge of computers, always available for your questions) just because we DON'T SCAM

Future List of Hacks :

- PayPal
- Facebook
- Instagram
- BlackBerry
- Android
- Ask.Fm
- Twitter
- OneCard
- Google Wallet
- eBay
- Amazon
- Payza
- 2CheckOut
- and Morreee
Contact us of you need us to start working on a hack that you need.