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To Register for The "BB10 Apk Converter & Installer"

Please Type in Your BBM Pin ONCE

Add Pin :

*UPPER-CASE PLEASE (ex : 24DE78E2, not : 24de78e2)

Download Latest Updates DebugToken : Download

Download Last Fixed App (Last edit : 11 November 2013) : Download

So What's New :
I The Old Versions (1 - 1.7) : The Update was on the whole Application.
But Now : You will download the App once From This Thread and you will be downloading the new debugtokens rather than downloading new whole app.

The New way of using the App :
- Download The App From here
- Download The DebugToken(v1.8) From Here
- Now Place The two(app and debugtoken) in the same place
- Run The App, it will tell you to Setup your debugtoken : type in the number of the version (example : 1.8 ) and Click Setup DebugToken
- You must keep the debugtoken in the same place of the directory
- install debugtoken
When a new debugtoken is downloaded
- Either you delete the old debugtoken and replace it with the new one, then the app will ask you to locate it, once you located it, you're done
- OR , You keep both and run the app, then goto Edit > Setup new Debugtoken and enter the debugtoken NEW version number and click setup.
- Then after any of these methods, install the debugtoken

BBM Pins Working with this Version :

In the App : Edit > Check Registered BBM Pins
Website : Registered BlackBerry Pins For Latest version

- I've Fixed The Problem of Debugtoken not valid
Debugtokens will work for everyone
just Register your BBM Pin Here :
Go to The Top of This Page

How to Check if Your BBM Pin is Registered or not ? :
- Go to Edit > Check Registered BBM Pins
- search for your pin, if exists you can use the app if not :
- go to the other tab "Next Version Pins"
- search your pin. if found it, wait for the next update.

About :
A New easy way converting and installing apk files using normal code signing keys
But Made it easier for you and collected all tough work into a one app that made it Much more simpler and easier

Image :

How To use :
- On The 1st Run You will be Provided to Type in your : BBM Pin, Device Password and Device IP
- Then You will Be Provided for setting up the debugtoken which is explained at the top of this thread.
- To Get the Device IP, goto settings > security > Development mode > and The IP Adress is Your Device IP
- Then Click Setup and Then Click Finish
- Browse Apk Files
- Click "Convert" if you want only to convert(Converted BAR files are in the same place of the apk files)
- If You want to install : connect your device, check the 'install after conversion' and click 'convert and install'
- Browse bar files if you already have a converted bar files
- click install bar files

Common Problems :

- DebugToken installation(500 Failure) :
1- Download google chrome browser
2- Download This BB10 App manager extension for Chrome
3- Open it
4- type your device IP in textbox under "hostname..."
5- Press save
6- Go to the end of page to "manage your device"
7- click on the device ip
8- click proceed anyways(it doesn't even use network, no worry)
9- Type The Password of your device and login
10- press "install apps" and browse for debugtoken.bar

- If File can't be Converted or installed : Check The File Path(ex: C:\users\lol files\something.apk) : if any of these File/Folders names contains Spaces, remove spaces

- if you can't install and information are correct : if you're running the hotspot it affects the Development mode

- if debugtoken is expired : wait for update(Note: it's a Manual update so be patient)

If You have any Problem PM The Admin : [RSK]SteveROSeik